Quadrysteria quads now feature QXC carbon fiber plate

If you break your QXC Carbon frame, we'll replace the carbon parts for free. bumper to bumper, no questions asked.  Learn more about our new QXC Carbon Fiber airframes.

The extreme environment of proximity and race quads demand something stronger. For years, Quadrysteria manufactured its quad frame kits from T300 based carbon fiber plates -- the typical fibers used in the hobby industry. Now, Quadrysteria has partnered with a leading manufacturer of carbon fiber to develop a T700 based plate that is super-strong, yet still suitable for fine machining. Dubbed QXC carbon fiber, these plates are constructed using a twill weave of the highest strength standard modulus fibers available - T700*. These never-twisted carbon fibers are prepregged then bonded into a high strength armor plate. You will find QXC carbon fiber plates in all our new kits -- FreeRide, Crossbones V2, RUSH 5 V2 and RUSH 4 V2 kits.

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