VAS MinIon 5.8 GHz Antenna (RHCP)


Video Aerial Systems, IBCrazy (Grandfather of FPV Alex Greve) has been working day and night on a new compact 5.8GHz antenna! The Minion features a more compact size (half as large) than the original Ion. Patent Pending with a gain of 2.25dbic, it will outperform the compact competition in range and performance. Axial ratio does not suffer in the Minion either with a near perfect Axial ratio like the Ion, you can expect the Minion to stop multipathing in its tracks. But there is more! The largest critique VAS heard after releasing the Ion was aimed at the Ion’s rather large nulls. Well VAS listened and worked diligently to close these nulls to more manageable sizes. With time and perseverance we were able to all but close the nulls. This is great news for pilots as now they can bank their aircraft with little worry of the null being exposed. The small size is amazing! 

The MinIon is available in three different flavors: 

  • MinIon SMA (stub with the beloved finger wrench)
  • MinIon MMCX (75mm flex lead)
  • MinIon u.FL / IPX (75mm flex lead)

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