Black Mamba (V3)


This is a high-speed "big" FPV proximity quad purpose built for 8" propellers, GoPro or Mobius Camera, and freestyle funWith its pair of spar arm tubes and circular clamping system, rotors can be angled forward 5-10 degrees to gain an aerodynamic advantage during forward flight and a visual advantage with your FPV camera.  The 350 mm size (and 35mm space between main plates) is large enough to ease the installation of FPV gear and be flown line-of-sight, yet agile and stable enough for excellent quality video. The carbon fiber frame maximizes strength and durability while minimizing weight and vibration. The V3 is the ultimate Black Mamba with integrated GoPro cage, silicon lined composite tube clamps, and glass-filled composite landing gear.  With the 1450kv motors and 8 x 4.5" propellers, this Black Mamba a high speed cruiser yet still has the agility for proximity flying. 

  • 350mm diagonal motor-to-motor
  • All-up-weight 935g with GoPro and full FPV gear
  • 35mm height between main frame plates
  • Rotatable arms 5-10 degrees. This gets you an optimal view of the horizon from your FPV camera and reduces air-drag.
  • Full twill weave carbon fiber frame with integrated GoPro bay, carbon fiber arm tubes, carbon fiber motor mounts.
  • Camera bay/mount that integrates a cushioned GoPro or Mobius for jello-free video
  • Silicon lined composite plastic arm clamps with standardized 16mm (OD) CF tubes.
  • Glass-filled poly plastic landing skids (black)
  • M4 nylon bolts create a crumple zone in a hard crash - greatly increases the chances of saving the arm tubes.
  • Large space between frame plates (35mm) for gear. Mounting points: inside, on top, and on bottom.
  • Large battery protective plate can mounted top or bottom and used as an extra gear mounting plate. 
  • Mount holes for encased board cameras. Plus a carbon fiber CCD board camera mount.
  • Large video transmitter bay and cover will easily fit all 600mW transmitters such as ImmersionRC and Boscam
Frame kit includes
  • 1.5mm twill-weave matt finish carbon fiber plates
  • 2 x arm tubes (super strong twill weave matt finish carbon fiber)
  • 1 x spare arm tube
  • 4 x motor mounts (3mm twill-weave matt finish carbon fiber)
  • 12 x arm clamps (silicon lined composite)
  • Wide-stance landing gear (glass-filled black poly)
  • 8 x silicon rubber camera bay and mount bobbins
  • Anodized aluminum M4 screws, nylon standoffs, and nylon screws.
  • Flight Controller standoffs and screws
  • Illustrated Assembly Manual
Recommended Components
  • Matek F405-CTR AIO Flight Controller
  • 4 x 30A ESCs
  • 4 x 2212 1450kv Motors
  • Matek HV 5.8GHz VTX video transmitter
  • Runcam Micro Sparrow 2 FPV camera
  • XT60 Battery Power lead (120-150mm)
  • APC 8 x 4.5" MR propellers
Recommended Battery
  • Tattu 3700mah 4S 45C
  • Tattu 2300mah 4S 45C