Focused on acro / freestyle, the FreeRide includes features and elements from Team Pilot feedback, including short height for optimum Center-Of-Gravity, 3D printed parts to allow for micro cams, antenna tuck mounts, and chamfered arms for durability and wire protection. Quadrysteria designed this frame with perfect balance, airflow, and geometry -- the key to a great acro frame. And with the ability for up to 5 1/2-inch props, you will get lots of "freedom fly" time! NO complicated parts, keeping the assembly and maintenance of your quadcopter a breeze!

  • Made with our QXC Carbon Fiber with lifetime airframe warranty
  • Up to 5.5" propellers with a 20mm short height keeping the Center of Gravity very close to the Center of Thrust
  • Tough 2.5mm Top, Mid and Bottom Plates
  • Light stretch-X for best airflow and balance
  • Supports 20x20mm or 30.5x30.5mm electronic mounting
  • Chamfered 4.0mm arms are independently removable (Isolated from Flight Stack)
  • Micro cam compatible (Flex TPU) included
  • Antennae "tuck" mount (Flex TPU) included -- Minion, Axii, or SMA plus RC "rabbit-ears" and TBS Crossfire T-style
  • Motor isolator/protectors (Flex TPU) included
  • Battery mount options: Top normal, top sideways, bottom normal, bottom sideways
  • The included FPV camera mount is also designed for a standard 28x28mm camera (30mm standoffs required)
  • Optional Flex TPU GoPro Session and Hero mounts available
  • Optional Flex TPU Battery Protective Sleeve available
  • Frame Weight: 100g, 108g with motor guards
  • Dry Weight: 380 with all TPU including GoPro mount and Battery sleeve
Included with every frame
  • QXC twill weave matt finish carbon fiber parts
  • Titanium alloy M3 arm screws (8 pieces)
  • Frame hardware: M3 knarled red aluminum 20mm standoffs and red aluminum screws
  • FPV camera mount (Flex TPU) 
  • Antennae mounts (Flex TPU)
  • Motor isolator/bumpers (Flex TPU)
  • Nylon hardware for low profile electronics stack
  • 25cm Quadrysteria anti-slip Battery strap
  • Self-adhesive Neoprene foam tape battery pad
  • Exploded assembly view
  • Freeride sticker!
Recommended Electronics
Recommended FPV Electronics
  • Matek VTX-HV 25/200/500mW 5.8GHz Video Transmitter
  • Runcam Micro Sparrow 2
  • VAS Minion MMCX antenna (1pc)
Optional Accessories
Lifetime Airframe Warranty
If a high speed crash results in breakage, Quadrysteria is offering a "no questions asked" limited lifetime warranty for Freeride.
Our new QXC carbon fiber plates are constructed using a twill weave of the highest strength standard modulus fibers available - T700. These never-twisted carbon fibers are prepregged then bonded into a high strength armor plate. T700 fiber is used in a variety of industrial and recreational applications, including pressure vessels such as natural gas storage tanks and SCUBA breathing tanks.