Universal USB Programmer (4-way Interface)

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This USB programmer for both SiLabs and Atmel based ESCs using a 4-way interface. It can also be used to program Flight Controllers using the C2 interface. ESCs can be divided into two different hardware platforms, depending upon whether they use a SiLabs MCU or an Atmel MCU. The programming adapter options for the two are different also depending on whether they have a bootloader installed.  But this ESC Linker can interface to all MCU's and programming methods. This ESC Programmer can link to: 
- SiLabs BLHeli bootloader interface (signal input wire)
- Atmel BLHeli bootloader interface (signal input wire)
- Atmel Simonk bootloader interface (signal input wire)
- SiLabs initial flash over C2 interface (direct chip method)
- Atmel initial flash over ISP interface (direct chip method)

In BLHeliSuite app select 4-way interface.  For example, to connect to an ESC with SiLabs MCU from BLHeliSuite (such as the FVT Little Bees) select "SILABS BLHeli Bootloader (4way-if)" as the interface and connection method. For an ESC with Atmel MCU, select "ATMEL <bootloader type> (4way-if)".

NOTE: When programming with signal (servo) interface, detach positive lead from the ESC's servo lead, then apply main power to the ESC.  Lastly, connect from the app.

UPDATE: To update the programmer for use with newer versions (v16 and later) of BLHeliSuite, follow the steps in this YouTube video, This YT video also outlines the correct steps.