H8 Octo Kit - Mini Mamba V2


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Upgrades your Mini Mamba (V2) to a 2 x 4 opposing motor H8 Octocopter.  You will have a copter with an ultra locked-in feel which can survive a broken propeller. The sound of 8 motors is unreal!

4 x motor mounts
16 x extended M4 x 30mm nylon screws
16 x aluminum bolts
1 x Octo Wide Stance Landing Gear (black)

Important Note for the H8 Octo option: The Acro Naze requires the use of a Serial receiver like S.BUS or CPPM (PPM sum) to enable motor outputs 7 and 8 on receiver pins 5 and 6. 

Recommended for Octo:
1 x Quadrysteria FC Protective Plate (for top mounted FC)

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