VAS 5.8 GHz Airblade LHCP antenna - Either Tx or Rx


With the popularity of FPV racing on the rise, the chances of interference on an all-RHCP (right-hand circular polarized) transmission field has become a real problem.  Now, After nearly 8 months of Research & Development the Airblade LHCP (left-hand circular polarized) antenna is finally available! 

The Airblade is a moderate gain, high axial ratio omni-directional Left hand circularly polarized antenna designed to work as both a transmitter and a receiver antenna.  Since it does not communicate with RHCP antennas, the Airblade is able to reject competing RHCP signals resulting in greater video clarity and range when other pilots are present.  Range and clarity can be further increase when coupling this antenna with a LHCP directional antenna such as a helical, crosshair, or pepperbox.

The airblade is transmit / receive agnostic. Meaning you use the same 5 lobe antenna on both the transmit and receiving ends.  Allows simultaneously active adjacent RHCP channels in the 5.8GHz band with up to 10db of separation between conflicting channels!

Contains One antenna:
  • 5 lobe with straight SMA male connector and right angle adapter.
  • RP-SMA adapter for use with RP-SMA systems
  • Max speeds without significant deflection: 5.8GHz:  150 mph
  • Connector type:  SMA male
  • Whip length:  25cm

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