VAS 5.8 GHz Crosshair Antenna (RHCP)


The Crosshair antenna is a 10dbic directional antenna with exceptionally high axial ratio.  The Crosshair antenna is suitable for long distance transmission where range and object penetration is required and is superior to a typical patch antennae.  For the perfect diversity receiver ground station, pair the Crosshair with an omni antenna such as the Mad Mushroom onto an FR632 ground receiver. Thether your display device, such as Fat Shark Dominators, and you are in FPV heaven.

This 5.8 GHz antenna is right hand circular polarized, and can be used with linearly polarized antennas (with some loss) or a more perfect match is another right hand circularly polarized antenna.  Not to be used with left hand circular polarized antennas.

  • one Crosshair Receiver antenna with protective cover
  • one 10cm semi-rigid SMA extension
  • one SMA to RP-SMA adapter
  • one tightening "star"


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