Quadrysteria Club Rewards - Join for Free!

Want to earn free prizes for your local club?  Purchases your club members make at Quadrysteria, using your club's code, gets you 5% off your order AND earns your club another 5% towards their rewards balance*. It's a win-win. And its free to enroll. Your club can redeem their accumulated reward balance towards a purchase at Quadrysteria at anytime. Use your rewards for upcoming race event prizes, contests, or expanding your race gate inventory! The more your club members spend, the more your club earns.

Contact us today for your club's free setup.** There are two codes: one code for club purchases, and another code for reward redemptions. The redemption code will be privately issued to a club's authorized officer, such as a president or a treasurer.  It is up to your club to protect the code and use the purchases as they see fit. 

For each club enrolled, you'll get a reward balance page for your club to view its accumulated balance, updated periodically (once a week). This page will be hosted on quadrysteria.com so as to give you and your club members visibility to your current reward. You would be free to link to this page from your own website(s) so pilots can see the running award amount.

* 5% of the purchase total excluding tax and shipping
** Limited to organized clubs only, not for individual accounts.

Participating Clubs