QXC Carbon Fiber Airframes

The extreme environment of proximity and race quads demand something stronger. Quadrysteria has partnered with a leading manufacturer of carbon fiber to develop a T700 based plate that is super-strong, yet still suitable for fine machining. QXC carbon fiber, these plates are constructed using a twill weave of the highest strength standard modulus fibers available - T700*. These never-twisted carbon fibers are prepregged then bonded into a high strength armor plate. You will find QXC carbon fiber plates in all our new kits -- FreeRide, Crossbones V2, RUSH 5 V2, RUSH 4 V2, and RUSH 3 V2 kits.

The QXC limited lifetime warranty applies to our 2nd generation airframes made from QXC carbon fiber. Each airframe warrantied will be indicated by it's product page on our website. Look for the warranty seal and a description of the parts covered. Generally, all carbon fiber parts are covered and the metal fasteners used to assemble those parts. The warranty is for life, and applies to the original purchaser. This warranty remains in effect for as long as our company is in operation.

We will replace the broken parts at no cost. We will not warranty lost frames or parts, or parts you don't have proof of purchase for, or parts you cannot return to us. All broken parts must be mailed to us and you must pay for the return shipping. Return shipping must include delivery confirmation. Parts eligible are listed on each product's page. There is no implied warranty for services.

What is not covered

Accessory parts, such as battery straps and XT60 connectors, are not covered. Damage to any non-airframe part, such as electronics, motors, antennae, are not covered.  Unofficial or clone airframes or airframes not purchased directly from us (Quadrysteria) or our official retailers. Return shipping of broken parts is your responsibility. This warranty cannot be transferred.


Instructions: Before you take anything apart, please take pictures of the damage. We like to see the damage on the original model to help us improve our products! If both sides of the part are accessible, please take one picture of each side of the part. After that you can take it apart and take additional pictures if you'd like.

Here's exactly what we'll need

1. Your name
2. Proof of purchase of a QXC carbon frame or part: Order Number or Retail Receipt
3. Pictures of the broken part(s) with arrows pointing to the problem area
4. After our authorization, mail the damaged part(s) to us using trackable postage.

To file a warranty claim you can email the above requirements to our support address at