Mini Mamba (V2) with free octo upgrade



The octo upgrade mounts are currently included for free.
This is a high-speed FPV racer purpose built 
 for 5" or 6" propellers and freestyle fun. It can be built as a standard quad, or as an coaxial octo for a totally different flying experience! With its pair of spar arm tubes and circular clamping system, rotors can be angled forward 5-10 degrees (or more) to gain an aerodynamic advantage during forward flight and a visual advantage with your FPV camera.  The glass-filled nylon with silicon liner is the best clamping system you can find.


  • Shaft-to-shaft diagonal 250-260mm (adjustable)
  • Weight: 180g, AUW with FPV gear: 457g
  • Overall width 225mm 
    Overall length 312mm
  • Flight Controller mount slots accommodate 30mm - 45mm (hole center-to-center).
 Frame only kit includes:
  • 1.5mm twill-weave matt finish carbon fiber plates (Top and bottom main plates, battery/gear plate, Mobius mount, CCD plate, video transmitter cover)
  • 2 x arm tubes (12mm twill-weave matt finish carbon fiber)
  • 4 x motor mounts (3mm twill-weave matt finish carbon fiber)
  • 12 x arm clamps (silicon lined composite)
  • 4 x camera plate mount dampeners
  • Anodized aluminum M3 screws, nylon standoffs, and nylon screws.
  • Flight Controller standoffs and screws
  • Assembly Manual

Complete Bundle adds everything you need to complete a flyable quad with the recommended setup:
  • *NEW* BetaflightF3 Flight Controller with PDB and OSD
  • *NEW* 4 x 30A Cicada BLHeli-S DShot-600 ESCs
  • 4 x SunnySky 2207 2100kv Motors
  • Lost rig buzzer
  • XT60 Battery Power lead (100mm)
  • Set of 5 x 4.5" QBB bullnose props
  • Motor screws 16*M3x6mm
  • 20 AWG motor wire extensions with heat shrink
  • PDB standoffs and screws 
  • Battery strap, velcro tabs for battery tie-down, cable ties.

Complete Bundle with FPV also adds:
  • TBS UNIFY PRO HV RACE 25/200mW 5.8GHz Video Transmitter (SMA)
  • Foxeer HS1177 with 2.5mm lens
  • TBS Triumph Stubby antenna (1pc)
Recommended Battery
  • 4S 1000-1800mAh 30C minimum (5" or 6" props)
  • 3S 1500-2200mAh 30C minimum (6" props)
Recommended Accessories:
  • Wide Stance Landing Gear
  • Flight Controller Protective Cover
  • H8 Octo (coaxial) Upgrade Kit 

Are you a new to multirotors? Need help assembling a quadcopter? See the RUSH build series here by Microsoft's Drone Garage

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