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The QR200 is an excellent choice if you're just getting started with race quads because it encloses the vulnerable electrical components in a protected bays. And the boxed structure is extremely durable against crash damage. 

A 200mm wheelbase mini designed for racing and freestyle proximity. The Quadrysteria Racer 200 is able to carry 1806 thru 2206 motors (17mm max height) with up to 5 inch bullnose propellers (4045 triblades best).  Add a few features that serious FPV fliers are looking for and you have one smart ride: an integrated tilting HD camera plate that supports either a GoPro or a Mobius.  And boxed vertical plus horizontal 3k twill weave carbon fiber structure to withstand hard crashes and protect your FPV camera. Because of its durability, the QR 200 is recommended for pilots new to FPV.


  • Supports 4 x 4.5" tri blades and 5" props
  • Supports 1806, 2204 and 2206 motors (17mm max height for 5" props)
  • A tilt-lock HD camera plate (angles 0 - 25 degrees) for either GoPro or Mobius form factors
  • Protected FPV camera bay
  • Motor mount bumpers protect your motors in a crash
  • 3k twill weave carbon fiber with a 3mm monocoque (unibody) main plate
  • Supports a tilting Mini Sony (HS1177) FPV camera - recommended for full protection
  • Supports 36mm FPV board cams like PZ0420 at angles 30 degrees (mount h/w included)
  • 1300-1800mah 3s or 4S Lipo, 1550 4S idealƒ??

Weight: 103g
AUW: 308g (without GoPro or Battery)

​Included with every frame:
  • 12mm nylon standoff and screws for FC mount
  • ​XT60 connector (black)
  • Neoprene tape (for HD camera mount)
  • Battery strap and 2 self-adhesive velcro squares
  • 3M double-side foam tape (for PDB or ESCs)
Complete Bundle adds everything you need to complete a flyable quad ​with the recommended setup:​
  • BetaflightF3 Flight Controller with PDB and OSD
  • *NEW* 4 x BrotherHobby Returner R4 1806 2500KV motors
  • 4 x 20A Cicada BLHeli-S DShot-600 ESCs
  • 4 x 4" tri-blade Quadrysteria Basher props
  • 14 AWG Wire with heat shrink (Battery lead)
Complete Bundle with FPV also adds:
  • TBS UNIFY PRO HV RACE 25/200mW 5.8GHz Video Transmitter (SMA)
  • Foxeer HS1177 with 2.5mm lens
  • TBS Triumph antenna (1pc)
Recommended Battery: 
  • 1300-1600mah 3S or 4S Lipo
  • 4S 1550mah Tattu 45C ideal with 4045 triblade BN
  • 4S 1300mah Tattu 45C
  • 4S 1300mah Tattu 75C 
  • 3S 1550mah Tattu 45C (3S not recommended with 4" propellers)
Optional QR 200 Landing Feet recommended if you undermount LEDs or wires.

​Adam's custom QR 200 accessories at Thingiverse.
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