RUSH 4 Inch



New - 4.0mm unibody main plate for added strength

The Rush 4" is a micro racer designed with simplicity, durability and speed in mind.  Configured with 2204/5 motors and 4040 triblade Basher props, the prototype set local track records. This power setup combined with low frame weight and aerodynamic design takes  you into "Airmode heaven" achieving the floats and punch-outs you dream for.  However, for the less experienced pilot, a tamer power setup is also possible with 1804/6 2300/2400kv motors, 4S, and twin 4045 propellers, or even 3S. The integrated FPV camera mount is designed for the HS1177 or HS1190 Mini Sony camera and allows a camera rake up to 80 degrees.

A 170mm wheelbase, this quad is constructed of 4.0mm unibody high quality twill weave carbon fiber with a 1.5mm carbon fiber top, camera plates, and antenna "doubler".  The XT60 "portal" is 3.5mm carbon fiber.  

Weight: 63g
AUW: 257g (without battery)

​Included with every frame:
  • Frame hardware: red aluminum M3 screws and black aluminum standoffs
  • Nylon hardware for low profile PDB and FC mount
  • ​XT60 connector (black)
  • 20cm Quadrysteria anti-slip Battery strap
  • Self-adhesive velcro squares for battery tie down
  • 3M double-side foam tape (for ESCs)
  • Assembly Instructions with exploded assembly view
Bundle adds everything you need to complete a flyable quad ​with the recommended setup:
  • X-Racer F303 SPI flight controller with buzzer
  • 4 x ZTW 30A BLHeli-S Flash ESCs
  • 4 x ZTW SP2205 2750kv Spider PRO Race motors
  • Matek stackable PDB with two BECs and video pads
  • 4 x 4" tri-blade Quadrysteria Basher props
  • 14 AWG silicon wire with heat shrink (battery pigtail)
Bundle with FPV also adds:
  • *NEWTBS UNIFY PRO HV RACE 25/200mW 5.8GHz Video Transmitter (SMA)
  • Foxeer HS1177 with 2.5mm lens
  • TBS Triumph antenna (1pc)
Recommended Battery: 
  • 1000-1300mah 4S Lipo
  • 1300mah 3S Lipo
Optional GoPro Session mount made of flexible TPU.
Optional GoPro mount made of flexible TPU. 

Recommended power setups:
  • ROCKET: 4S lipo, 4 x 4 x 3 or 4 x 4.5 x 3 QBB propellers with 2204/5 motors having kv 2500-2700. 
  • NORMAL: 4S or 3S lipo, 4 x 4 x 3 or 4 x 4.5 QBB propellers with 1804/6 motors having kv 2300-2700.
  • TAME: 3S lipo, 4" x 4" propellers with 1804/6 motors having kv 2300.

Are you a new to multirotors? Need help assembling a quadcopter? See the RUSH build series here by Microsoft's Drone Garage

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