ZTW 2212 1450kv Spider PRO FPV Racing Motor (SP2212)


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ZTW has released a motor which caters to the demands of FPV racing!  Every ZTW Spider PRO motor is dynamically balanced before it gets to the hands of its customers. These motors are suited for 3-4S LiPo and 7-10" propellers:
7045 4S LiPo, 8045 4S LiPo, 9045 3S LiPo, 1045 3S LiPo.

When we put motors on our quad we expect them to spin smooth and deliver as much power as we need. ZTW has invested many bench tests, flight tests, and pilot feedback to finalize their Spider PRO motor design.  The SP series motors use aviation aluminum to increase its rigidity. They also feature high-grade magnets and a better coil to increase their output power.  Therefore you really can feel the punch in the air.

Made to Rigorous Specifications:
  • CNC aviation aluminum bell for durability
  • Up to 200 degree coil wire
  • Lower internal resistance
  • Higher torque for powerful output
  • Smooth running
  • Aluminum lock-nuts, steel mounting screws
  • Longer shafts for Basher bullnose props
  • CW only threaded shafts simplify and avoid confusion