HS1190 Foxeer Arrow V2 Sony Super HAD II CCD camera - IR Block - 2.5mm lens



Version 2 features

  • Three independently controlled OSD parameters: user name, timer, and voltage. Can each be shown or not shown and their positions moved
  • Fix OSD flashing issue
  • Upgrade to a better power module, can take up to 35V maximum
  • New 1-pin input for monitoring the battery power, so total back pins equals 7.
  • Voltage calibraton: if the voltage is not same as real power, you can use OSD button to adjust the voltage
  • New 2-pin connector for the OSD board cable will allow removing OSD cable after setup. There will be only a very short cable, so it won't obstruct other parts

Time for an upgrade! The Foxeer Arrow is the advanced version of the Foxeer XAT6700M (HS1177), which features excellent wide dynamic range function and brilliant image performance, and DC 5-22v wide voltage input range. The brand new look and design uses a case made of German polycarbonate which can survive from vibrations and crashes better than its predecessor of ABS/PC thermoplastic blend. Plus a brand new patented bracket and a case with metal mounting screw threads. There is also a ring mount set included.  The mount screws are longer keeping the mount tight. If you're real picky about your camera angle, you could even use thread lock on these screws. Also, fits the RUSH quadcopters.

The new Arrow (HS1190) features a built in microphone and OSD for displaying voltage, flight time, and custom name. In case you use regulated input voltage from a VTX or PDB to your camera, there is a secondary input for voltage monitoring for the purposes of display on the OSD.

1 x Sony Super HAD II Sensor (NTSC)
1 x Quality 
2.5mm lens (110° FOV) see extra picture for actual lens
1 x Instruction Manual
2 x Camera Cases (2 hole and 4 hole mount threads)
1 x Metal Bracket
1 x Plastic Ring set
1 x OSD Control Board
1 x 6-pin servo connector cable
1 x 2-pin external power cable

Category: FPV Cameras

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