Crossbones Stretch-X 5-Inch (V2)


What's new in V2?
  • QXC Carbon Fiber Plate with lifetime airframe warranty
  • All parts compatible with V1
  • Anodized red aluminum standoffs with knarled texture
  • TBS Unify pigtail screw holes
  • Improved motor mounting (from 12x12mm to 19x19mm)
  • Self-adhesive Neoprene foam tape battery pad
  • BUNDLES: Quadrysteria Stiletto 2205 2450KV Motor (Returner R4)

Our new QXC carbon fiber plates are constructed using a twill weave of the highest strength standard modulus fibers available - T700. These never-twisted carbon fibers are prepregged then bonded into a high strength armor plate. T700 fiber is used in a variety of industrial and recreational applications, including pressure vessels such as natural gas storage tanks and SCUBA breathing tanks.

The Perfect Hybrid!

Crossbones is the result of collaboration and feedback with Quadrysteria Team Pilots who have 2+ years on regional and national race circuits plus thousands of hours of hard proximity free riding! A frame designed by FPV racing and free-riding enthusiasts with versatility in component placement. Crossbones is a pod-like design with super low drag yet still allows a GoPro to be mounted.



  • Stretch-X for 5" propellers, 210mm motor to motor
  • Fully independently removable arms
  • Embedded nuts allowing simple installation and removal with eight titanium alloy screws
  • Ultra thin profile arms reduces prop drag at the thrust source (9.5mm wide) 
  • Stout 5.0mm arm thickness (4.0mm arms available for ultra light)
  • battery options: Top and Bottom mount (Bottom mount allows 0 or 90 degree battery orientation)
  • Horizontal SMA antenna portal with multiple VTX access cutouts
  • Secure FPV camera mount HS1177/HS1190/Runcam 
  • Foam landing pads
  • Crossbones sticker!

Weight:  76g (4.0mm arms)
Weight:  88g (5.0mm arms)

Included with every frame:
  • 3K twill weave matt finish carbon fiber parts (10 pcs)
  • Titanium alloy M3 arm screws (8 pcs)
  • Frame hardware: M3 aluminum standoffs and aluminum screws
  • Nylon hardware for low profile FC/PDB stack
  • AMass XT60 connector (yellow)
  • 25cm Quadrysteria anti-slip Battery strap
  • Self-adhesive Neoprene foam tape battery pad
  • Large zip ties and heat shrink for antenna routing
  • Four custom high density foam landing pads
  • Exploded assembly view

Lifetime Airframe Warranty
If a high speed crash results in breakage, Quadrysteria is offering a "no questions asked" limited lifetime warranty for the V2 Crossbones frame (made with QXC carbon fiber). Parts covered are: all carbon fiber parts, all M3 aluminum standoffs, all M3 aluminum screws, all M3 titanium alloy screws.


Bundle adds everything you need to complete a flyable quad with the recommended setup:
  • BetaflightF4 Flight Controller with PDB and OSD
  • 4 x Cicada 30A BLHeli-S individual DSHOT600 ESCs
  • 4 x Quadrysteria Stiletto 2205 2450KV Motor (Returner R4)
  • lost rig buzzer and 14AWG silicon battery lead wire 
  • 16 x M3 x 8mm black oxide socket cap motor screws for 5mm carbon mount
  • DALPROP T5040C Cyclone propellers
Bundle with FPV also adds:
  • TBS UNIFY PRO HV RACE 25/200mW 5.8GHz Video Transmitter (SMA)
  • Foxeer HS1177 V2 with 2.5mm lens
  • TBS Triumph antenna (1pc)

AUW FPV gear: 320g (without battery)


    Optional GoPro Session mount (top center mount) made of flexible TPU. 
    Optional GoPro mount (nose mount) made of flexible TPU.

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