FuriousFPV U.FL Flex Antenna - 5.8Ghz Circular Skew-Planar-Wheel (RHCP - SPW)

1.6 grams! 

Micro U.FL Antenna - Ultra Small, Ultra Clear.

This is a four-lobe (Skew-Planar-Wheel) antenna in a compact and ultra light weight design for VTx units like the TBS Unify Pro.  It eliminates the weight and bulk of SMA connectors with a direct U.FL attachment to achieve FPV Excellence!

Specifically targeted for Micro FPV quad copters that require an antenna that is incredibly small, Furious FPV provides everything you need when it comes to dialing in video quality perfection in compact form. It is also an excellent choice for an ultra light weight pod racer where weight and space is of the essence.

Utilizing popular RHCP polarization, the Furious Micro Antenna is low in cost, light in weight and provides the video clarity we all desire - all while looking good doing so! Tally in the 1.7dBi broad beam reception capability, and this antenna is a perfect solution for all things micro.


- Ultra Light Weight
- Compact Form for Micro Quad and Pod Application
- Direct Fit for the TBS Unify Pro VTx
- Popular RHCP Polarization - Optimized 1.7dBi Gain
- Epoxy painted to prevent corrosion


- 1.7dBi Beam Pattern
- 5.8GHz Frequency
- RHCP - Right Hand Circular Polarized
- U.FL Connector
- Weight: approx 1.6g
- Length : 48mm


    1 x 48mm antenna with U.FL connector

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