GoPro Session Mount - RUSH Basher - Flexible TPU

Designed with a "crown" to protect the GoPro Session's glass lens! Insert your Session into the flexible cube, strap it in, and you can drop it from 20 feet with zero damage! 

This flexible mount screw holes are custom designed for the RUSH quadcopters with built-in 35 degree up-tilt. But the strap design makes it's possible to mount on any multitude of other frames. Fits the Session like a glove! There is easy access to the top main button and screen, the lower back settings button without having to remove the camera.  Includes a Quadrysteria 20 x 25cm strap.

It is professionally printed by Quadrysteria from flexible TPU -- a semi-flexible but very tough material that cushions hard blows to your camera. 

Weight: 21g


  • Session mount
  • 25cm Quadrysteria rubberized strap 
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